The ACTA: 1929
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The ACTA:1929

The ACTA is the annual yearbook for Greenfield High School.  The book was published by the Junior Class of 1929 and printed by the Greenfield Veddette.

There are certain things that are the heartbeat of a rural community.  The main one is the school.  Sports and programs of entertainment are provided nine months out of the year and the other three are spent working to make a little money or working on the family farm.  Life generally focuses around the school

Printer, Photographer and Engraver Information
This information appears inside the book:

PRINTER: The Greenfield Vedette

PHOTOGRAPHER: Slinker's Studio

ENGRAVER: Indianapolis Engraving Co.
PAGE 17:

Marvin Bowman, Archie Bronson, Anna Liza Carr, Eva Conn, Floyd Daughtrey, Helen Divine, Ruth Gericke, Raleigh Gourley, Bernice Griffith, Mary Frances Higgins

PAGE 18:

Franklin Hawkins, Bernice Harper, Adelma Jones, Roy Killingswoirth, Edna Kirby, Richard Laffoon, Lena Mae Montgomery, Lawson Marshall, Lora Lee Murphy, Norman Murphy,

PAGE 19:

Ruth McCall, Thelma McGuire, Lucille Pitman, Mary Louise Robertson, Lois Russell, Helen Russell, Nola Scott, Clark Shafer, Irene Schaefer, Irene Talbutt

PAGE 20: Herbert Tolbert, John Tarr, Dorothy Walker, Wilford Willis, Laura Lucille Wetzel, Gertrude Wilson, Hazel Wilson, "Camera Shy" Lavon Gresham, Raymond Holland and Fred Daigh

PAGE 23: James Allison, Wade Brotherton, Helen Brown, Marvin Barker, Keith Collier, Kenneth McConnell, Marguerite Davis, Paul Hawkins, Lynton Hickman, Georgia Higgins, Josephine Long,

PAGE 24: Margatet Oldham, Dorothy Rountree, Virginia Rountree, Dwane Rook, Melvin Sneed, Pauline Stevens, Gwendolyn Stephenson, Emily Steeley, Frances Shaw, Frances Sherrow, Ora Taylor, Richard White.

Sophomores (Not Alphabetized)
PAGE 26: BACK ROW: John Ott, George Manlove, Miss Mary Williams, Gladys Marshall, Christine Hunt, Virginia Sloan, Woodrow Landis, Virginia Dale, Earl Wilkins, Albert Clopton, Joe Preston, Russell Hawkins Fred Hulston, Tom Whaley, Bobby Griffith.

MIDDLE ROW: Helen Hudspeth, Katherine Prouse, Pauline Barker, Mary Belle Wheeler, Georgia Hall, Nellie Hobbs, Margaret Robertson, Marguerite Morrison, Maurice Headlee, Sam McGuire.

FRONT ROW: Helen McMahan, Fern Eagles, Eugenia Harper, Ruth Rubenstein, Bessie Morris, Esper Ryals, Vera Starr, Eugene Hunt, Roy Wilson, Donald McCall.

My Note: Miss Mary Williams was the class sponsor.

Freshman (Not Alphabetized)
PAGE 28: BACK ROW: Helen Ball, Mary Florence Oldham, Alma Procter, Dorothy Newell, Lucy Casada, Thelma McMahan, Martin Gericke, Donald McConnell, Hubert Marshall.

MIDDLE ROW: Marie Reitz, Roy Ellen Poindexter, Bernice Wilkins, Irene Morrision, George Wilkinson, Raymond McConnell, Tom Rountree.

FRONT ROW: Ella Dean Gresham, Grace Hall, Doris Marshall, Dorothy Johnson, Dorothy McCall, Herbert Kirby, John Howard Farmer, Arkley Frieze.

Board of Education, Superintendent of Schools, Faculty
Board of Education: Mr. J. L. Wetzel, Mr. E. L. Hirst, Mr. W. O. Russell, Mr. H. D. Sloan, Mr. M. C. Hawkins, Mr, J. L. Horton, Mr. C. W. Hartfield

Superintendent of Schools: H. N. McCall.

The Faculty: W. A. Hook, Georgia Westover, Lucy Lee Ferguson, O. E. Suetterlin, Mareta Beatrice Williams, Mary Ellen Williams, E. L. McClymond

Where are the freshmen?
Due to the fact that I am working with a template and space limits I have to put the freshmen class on the "Old Photos" page.  Sorry about that.