Post Offices and Schools
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County Post Offices and Schools
The heartbeat of the rural community often lies with the school. That is where all the main activities are held. Sports is always a big part of life as well. Thank God for the Dadeville Bearcats, Everton Tigers, Greenfield Wildcats and the Lockwood Tigers!

The only contact with the outside used to be through the post office. I have several of the old post offices on this page but Arcola and Dadeville do not appear as I was unable to get the photos. I hope to add those post offices later. However, you will find their schools.

Click on any of the images of a post office to link to a great site about Missouri Post Offices!

Note: If a school is a newer building you will only find a corner stone or similar identifying marker.

The Greenfield Post Office in the County Seat
I am not sure when the current post office was built. As Greenfield is the County Seat it is featured first. Greenfield has had a post office since 1850.

All that is left...
This is all that is left of the Greenfield High School that I went to. My senior year (1985) a new structure with less character and imagination replaced this one. The community lost a wonderful old structure.
The South Greenfield or "South Town" Post Office
This post office has been in operation since 1891. Click on the image to link to an excellent page on Dade County and Missouri postal history!
Everton School
This is what I believe was once the front of the school. Recently Everton School made major improvements and you will have too look carefully to find this old entrance.
Eveton Post Office
Most of the buildings in Everton are in a state of severe decay and face iminate destruction from weather and neglect alone. As always, the post office is the one thing in most little towns that maintains a certain level of quality to the building, thanks to the Federal Government. Most little towns do not have the funds for maintaining forgotten or neglected buildings. Everton is no exception.

Everton has had a post office since1881.

Lockwood High School
Lockwood built a new school in 1962. I am only showing the dedication stone as this is a history page and I do not enjoy modern structures.
Lockwood Post Office
Lockwood, Missouri has it's own unique heritage. Lockwood's roots lie in the German heritage of it's founders. Lockwood has always supported a strong Luthern chruch and school as well. Be sure to visit my pages on other Dade County comminites to learn more about Lockwood.
Dadeville School
The old Dadeville school faced the same fate as many of the old schools and was recently replaced with a metal building. Dadeville is a small community and the funds are limited. Old buildings are expensive to maintain and so this was the alternative.
Arcola School
The Arcola School district was formed when the Hickory Grove, Dead Elm, Elm Grove, Lake and Arcola Districts consolidated. This building was constructed in 1914 and housed classes through the academic year 1949-1950. (Information from, "Dade County Misssouri Sesquicentennial" souvenir booklet by the Dade County Historical Society, 1991)
Another view of the Arcola School
The Arcola school is now private property but the building still stands uninhabited. It appear to be structurally sound but with all the growth around it who can tell? I think it would be a great building for a history museum. It is right near the highway and not far from the Stockton Lake and great hunting!
Greenfield Grade School
In 1941 my grandfather helped to build this school. In the early 1980's he and my brother worked to modify the building to make it more energy efficent. If you look at the window to the right you will see how the size of the windows is greatly reduced. I feel a lot was lost when those changes occurred. Note: the window is to the princepal' office.

The front steps is where the class pictures have been taken for years.
The Washington School
The Washington School was built for the African-American children during the days of segregation. After desegregation it became a music building and eventually the kindergarten. Ironically, one of the greatest kindergarten teachers ever to work for the Greenfield School system was Princess Reeves, just one of Dade Counties outstanding African-American citizen and my kindergarten teacher!