In Their Own Words
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In Their Own Words: Voices from the Past
All of the historical photos that you see on site page are taken from actual postcards. Some of those were mailed. I will scan the front and back of each and type the messages for you to read.


Two postcards from Neva to Mrs. C. W. Farrand
Postcard one reads:

Jan. 11, 1913
Dear Mama & Louise;
Have only time to write a line now. Reached here safely. Am very busy. Don't worry about me. Will write again soon.
Lovingly, Neva.

Postcard two reads:

Aug. 24, 1910(?)
Dear Mama:Am sorry but can't come back just now. Am going to Pearl's Sat. will write again soon.
The Back of Orville's Card
From Orville McGuire to Miss Lean Prouse, Muskogee, Okla.
Howdy cousin; I'm kinda mad this morning about not getting the cigars at the pie supper lst night for being the ugliest man. It's a little like winter up here this morning better come up and play with me this next week. I'll get out of school two days. We will probably play a game of Basket Ball with Everton thursday.

Ans soon.

Orville McGuire
The Back of Neva's Card
The address is too faded and there is no signature that I can read.
This card is badly faded but this is what I can read:

Tell Bill that J has got a card to send to Elmer Triplett. J will send it to him if he will send it on.

Katie to Miss Myrtle Lulling, Ekdall, Wisc.
The Back of Katie's Card + a 1919 Newspaper Article to Confirm Katie's Comments on the Courthouse
Here's the court house where Dona and H. got their license. Tisn't nice at all but looks a little bit better than this. Let me know if you get these soon cause I shall be anzious to find out.


Newspaper Article

From The Greenfield Vedette, December 4,1919


Last Friday while C. C. Russell and John Roberts were sitting in the probate court room at the court house, one of the big panes in a window fell out without warning ker-clap, just like that. It is said the Uncle Lum and Uncle John showed real speed in their departure and had to be headed off on their way to the tall timber and assured that the rest of the building had not fallen. They insisted that they were not discussing the League of Nations or or any other subject likely to create enough air pressure to push the window out and say that they were not running because they were frightened but they were trying to catch Jim Brotherton, who also took alarm at the crash to tell him there was no danger.

Webmasters note: A few lines below this article appears this simple messages: "Dade Co. needs a court house.