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Dade County, Missouri Photo's

I have completely rearranged this page and hope you enjoy the new views.  In order to save space I have comined the photos by theme and some slots show two photos together.  I have included an explanation for each photo.

Enjoy and as always if you have any historical photos that need a safe home please contact me.  It is my hope to one day see a museum in Dade County.  The museum must have a stable future before I will donate my collection so fear not if you send me things.  If Dade does not get a museum before I i am old and gray I will give everything to the Missouri Historical Society.  I do not want to because most things will be filed and forgotten but these things must be preserved.

1929 Freshmen Class: PAGE 28: BACK ROW: Helen Ball, Mary Florence Oldham, Alma Procter, Dorothy Newell, Lucy Casada, Thelma McMahan, Martin Gericke, Donald McConnell, Hubert Marshall. MIDDLE ROW: Marie Reitz, Roy Ellen Poindexter, Bernice Wilkins, Irene Morrision, George Wilkinson, Raymond McConnell, Tom Rountree. FRONT ROW: Ella Dean Gresham, Grace Hall, Doris Marshall, Dorothy Johnson, Dorothy McCall, Herbert Kirby, John Howard Farmer, Arkley Frieze.

Commercial Hotel, Lockwood

Lockwood Flour Mill

Lockwood Lake: Where is/was it?

Main Steet, Lockwood, Missouri, Before November 21, 1911

Luthern Church, Lockwood, Missouri

This was donated to me from Pam Smethers. It is my hope to put it in a Dade County Museum when there is one that will be secure.

Ozarks College became...

...Greenfield High School

The top photo if of the second high school, built on the site of the first in 1923 and torn down in 1984. The second photo was first known as the Greenfield Public School and housed all grades until the high was bought from Ozark's College. This building was replaced by the exsisting Greenfield Elementery School, finished in 1941.

Two additonal views of "The Greenfield Public School."

Top: The thrid courthouse, Greenfield public square Bottom: The Greenfield Community Building, destroyed by fire around 1977.

A larger view of the third courthouse. See pictures of the first courthouse on the Everton/Penn/Truman page.

These views are of Allsion Street taken on opposite ends of the square. The first photo was most likely taken from the roof of the Helphenstine building. You can see the Helphenstine building on the right side of the street and in the distance in the second view.

Top: The Opera House is on one corner and on the same block sits the Del Monico Hotel torn down in the late 1960's. Bottom: A very old view of the Washington Hotel. Read more about the Washington Hotel on it's own page.

December 5, 1911 Financial Statement, Dade County Bank (cover)

December 5, 1911 Financial Statement, Dade County Bank (inside)

The Dade County Bank in the 1910's

This post card was sent out by F. Grether & Son, Stoves and Hdwe, Greenfield, MO

Do you recognize this buisness? Harrison Brothers Furniture

Please, contact me if you know who this couple is!!

I am Looking for Pictures of the Surrounding Dade County Cities. If you Would like to Contribute One Please, email me.