Everton/Penn's Cabin/Truman was here!
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Local Photos of Interest
This page features site of Everton. With the exception of the first item, all of the photos were taken by me in my search for history in Dade County. These items are all found in Everton. I hope you enjoy looking around.

The first item is my latest online auction acquisition. The item has no copyright information on it nor the photostudio's mark. If you have the information please contact me so that I may secure permission to use it.

The next batch of pictures are of Dade County's first courthouse. The courthouse was moved to Everton from Pennsboro. The brightness and constrast of the pictures are not true to the colors of the original pictures because of the shade tree, etc. I have made the best possible improvements so you could get a better view.

The Everton Depot as seen in the 1950's
This photo was not taken by me and appears on a postcard that I purchased from an online auction. There is no copyright information on the card! If you have the information please contact me so that I can secure the right to use it.
Dade Counties First Court House
William Penn's (not THE William Penn) can be found in Everton in the city park. This photo was taken in the summer of 2001 and is the front view.
The Back View
This is the opposite side of the first picture or perhaps it could be called the backdoor.
The Fireplace
If you enter the back the fireplace sets to the right. There is no lighting inside so the quality of the picture is not good even with a flash.
The Outside View
This gives better lighting but does not show the openings around the fireplace that would have let in the cold. Most likely those openings were from the move or the age of the cabin.
The Only Window
Opposite of the fireplace is the only window. As you can see it is quite small. The cabin as a whole is small and it is difficult imagining a court being held or a family living there.

I took the photo from the outside for clarity.

Harry S Truman was here!
To the left of the front of Penn's cabin stands a rusty old flag pole. Below that pole lies this placque.