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Administrator: Tammy V. Fisher-Heldenbrand
Having been raised in Greenfield and having an intimate knowledge of the Dade County area, I felt it was time to appreciate the area and to show it to others.

I grew up in Greenfield and graduated in 1985. From there I went to Southwest Baptist University and graduated in 1990.

Dade County was derived from Polk and Barry counties so going to Bolivar, the county seat of Polk meant I was not so far away.

After finishing university I moved to St. Louis and after marriage I moved to South Korea. In my photo I am wearing traditional Korean dress but this is not common everyday wear.

After coming to Korea I began to research my family history and have since discovered that my family moved to what was then Polk County in 1837. Dade came from Polk and Cedar in 1841 and so my family has been in Dade longer than Dade itself. The first land deed on record for Dade is to my great-great-great-great uncle, William D. "Moses" Edge. It makes sence then, that I would work to preserve not only my family history but that of Dade County itself. I really am thankful for where I came from and for my family. Enjoy the site!

Tammy V. Fisher-Heldenbrand

The History Behind My Site
The reason this site came to be is the fact that I am currently living overseas and realized how grateful I am for my heritage. I want to share that heritage with others. I also want to encourage residents of Dade County to get to know their own history.

Since starting this page, I have heard from many Dade Countians that have moved away as well as those who have ancestory in Dade. I am happy to provide this page to you and hope you have enjoyed your tour and will return often.

If you would like to contribute something (such as a picture) to this site, please email me. I will see to it that you receive credit as a contributor, author, photographer, etc.

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